Civil Services Badminton

Our players performed exccedingly well at the All Goa Civil Services tournament, winning top honours. Dr Ankush Patil and Dr Sarfraz Ahmed emerged Men’s doubles winners, in the Civil Services tournament organised by Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, at Badminton Hall, Peddem, Mapusa. It was double delight for Dr Ankush as he also won the Men’s singles title. Wilfred Jacques and Dr Vishwajeet Faldessai were triumphant in Veterans 45+ doubles while Wilfred completed his double by winning the the Veteran’s singles title. Dattaprasad Parab and Marina Albuquerque emerged Mixed doubles winners. Following are the results:

Results – Semi Finals

Veterans 45+ Singles Semifinals
Wilfred Jacques bt Ramnath Shetgaonkar 21/7, conceded
Filipe Barbosa bt Adrian Martins 21/14, 21/17

Veterans 45+ Doubles Semi-finals
Wilfred Jacques / Dr Vishwajeet Faldessai bt Santosh prabhu Desai / Anil Ringne 21/11, 21/13
Adrian Martins / Felipe Barbosa bt Deepak Mayekar / Ramnath Shetgaonkar 22/20, 18/21, 21/19

Mens Singles Semi-finals
Dr Ankush Patil bt Amay Mirginkar 21/12, 21/11
Janardan Haldankar bt Wilfred Jacques 21/8, 8/21, 21/19

Mens doubles Semi-finals
Dattaprasad Parab / Patrick Gonsalves bt Wilfred Jacques / Dr Vishwajeet Faldessai 21/15, 21/14
Dr Ankush Patil / Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed bt Deepak Mayekar / Janardan Haldankar 22/20, 19/21, 21/19

Results – Finals

Veterans 45+ Singles Finals
Wilfred Jacques bt Filipe Barbosa 21/11, 21/15

Veterans 45+ Doubles Finals
Wilfred Jacques / Dr Vishwajeet Faldessai bt Adrian Martins / Felipe Barbosa 22/24, 21/17, 21/17

Mens Singles Finals
Dr Ankush Patil bt Janardan Haldankar 22/20, 21/15

Mens doubles Finals
Dr Ankush Patil / Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed bt Dattaprasad Parab / Patrick Gonsalves 21/19, 21/16

Mixed doubles Finals
Dattaprasad Parab / Marina Albuquerque bt Dr Ankush Patil / Judith Fernandes 21-16, 21-15